KWLA Awards

Amici Linguarum Award

Award Description

The Amici Linguarum (pronounced “ah mee kee leen gwah room”) Award recognizes an individual or organization not directly involved in the teaching of world languages that has made a significant contribution to the profession.

Award Criteria*

  1. Must have made a large contribution to the teaching and learning of world languages
  2. Must have given significant support for the world language teaching profession
  3. Must have provided important service to the world language teaching profession

Award Nomination Evidence**

  1. Letter of endorsement addressing the award criteria listed

Award Nomination Procedures

  • Select a candidate who meets the award criteria listed above*
  • Fill out the online nomination form
  • Work with your nominee to make sure that all of the required “Award Nomination Evidence”** is submitted by the deadline to the KWLA Awards Committee Chair at:
Have any further questions about awards and nomination procedures? Please contact the KWLA Awards Committee Chair anytime at:

DISCLAIMER: A press release for winners of the Outstanding Teacher Award will be published within a week after the conference. Press releases for all other awards winners will be available by request only.