KWLA Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

Award Description

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual of the world language teaching profession who has demonstrated long- term achievement and service to KWLA and to the profession – locally, statewide, regionally, and/or nationally.

Award Criteria*

  1. Current KWLA member in good standing with a minimum of 20 years in the teaching profession. A history of service to KWLA is required
  2. Review of candidate’s professional achievements & activities
  3. Evidence of continued professional growth
  4. Excellence in teaching and/or administration
  5. Service to the world language teaching profession locally, regionally, and/or nationally
  6. Service to the Kentucky World Language Association (formerly Kentucky Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)

Award Nomination Evidence**

  1. Letter of endorsement from a professional colleague
  2. Letter of endorsement from a supervisor/administrator
  3. Letter of endorsement from a current or former student or parent
  4. Current Curriculum Vitae which includes: Educational background; Teaching experience; Recent travel related to teaching; Service to KWLA; Service to the world language profession as a whole; Membership in other professional organizations; Workshops given, papers presented, articles published; Awards and honors received

Award Nomination Procedures

  • Select a candidate who meets the award criteria listed above*
  • Fill out the online nomination form
  • Work with your nominee to make sure that all of the required “Award Nomination Evidence”** is submitted by the deadline to the KWLA Awards Committee Chair at:
Have any further questions about awards and nomination procedures? Please contact the KWLA Awards Committee Chair anytime at:

DISCLAIMER: A press release for winners of the Outstanding Teacher Award will be published within a week after the conference. Press releases for all other awards winners will be available by request only.