KWLA Awards

Outstanding Post-Secondary Teacher Award

Award Description

The Outstanding Post-Secondary Teacher Award recognizes an individual of the world language teaching profession who has demonstrated long-term achievement and service to the profession at the post-secondary level. NEW! Starting in 2016, and continuing on in perpetuity, the person who is named “Outstanding Post-Secondary Teacher” will also be in the running for the coveted “Outstanding Teacher Award” (overall) given every year by KWLA. The winner of the “Outstanding Teacher Award” (overall) will represent KWLA in the running to be named the Regional “Teacher of the Year” at SCOLT [], and then, potentially, at the national level at ACTFL []! In order to represent KWLA well, the winner of this award will be someone who exhibits the following qualities and to the highest degree:

  • Frequent use of the target language in instruction
  • Designs instruction to meet the individual needs of all learners
  • Designs and implements activities that meet the goals of the World Readiness Standards set forth by ACTFL
  • Engages students in cultural learning both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Continuously seeks out opportunities to grow and improve his or her own professional practice
  • Stays actively involved in professional language teaching organizations
  • Exhibits strong leadership skills through various experiences (e.g. presenting sessions and workshops for conferences)
  • Exhibits excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Regularly and effectively advocates in his or her community, and, if given the opportunity, at the state and even national level for the advancement and enhancement of world language teaching and learning for all students.

*Special Note:

Teachers selected as “KWLA Outstanding Teacher” and “Outstanding New Teacher” will be asked to fill out and sign a commitment form indicating they will:

  • attend KWLA Fall Conferences in 2017 and 2018
  • co-present the New Teacher Workshop at the 2017 Fall Conference, and
  • serve as a spokesperson for the profession at KWLA events and state advocacy events

Award Criteria*

  1. Current KWLA members in good standing with a minimum of three consecutive years of membership and a minimum of five years experience as a world language educator (post-secondary). In addition to KWLA membership, candidates must also be current members in good standing with their language affiliate organization (AATSP, AATF, AATG, KCA, KACLT, KAJLT, NNELL) and/or ACTFL with a minimum of three consecutive years of membership. Candidates must be full-time language teachers who spend at least half of their time in direct teaching, and who expect to continue teaching for at least two more years.
  2. A record of excellence in teaching
  3. Professional achievements and activities
  4. Evidence of continued professional growth
  5. Service to the world language teaching profession

Award Nomination Evidence***

  1. Letter of endorsement from a professional colleague
  2. Letter of endorsement from a supervisor/administrator
  3. Letter of endorsement from a current or former student or parent
  4. Current Curriculum Vitae of not more than five pages which includes: Educational background; Teaching experience; Recent travel related to teaching; Service to the world language profession as a whole; Membership in other professional organizations; Workshops given, papers presented, articles published; Awards and honors received
  5. A five hundred word first-person statement on the importance of developing language and cultural competencies

Award Nomination Procedures

  • Select a candidate who meets the award criteria listed above*
  • Fill out the online nomination form
  • Work with your nominee to make sure that all of the required “Award Nomination Evidence”*** is submitted by the deadline to the KWLA Awards Committee Chair at:
  • NEW! - Once the names for the winners of the “Outstanding Teacher Award” from each affiliate organization have been submitted along with the required nomination evidence or documents to the Awards Committee Chair, each winner from all affiliate organizations will then be scheduled to be interviewed via a recorded Skype session with the KWLA Past-President by no later than August 1st. During the interview, each candidate will be asked 3-5 questions on topics ranging from, but not limited to, strategies for implementing the ACTFL World Readiness Standards in the classroom (i.e. instructional strategies for engaging students in the three modes of communication as well as for integrating cultural learning and authentic resources), involvement to enhance and better the profession by sharing successes, tools, and strategies with fellow teachers, leadership experience in the profession, and strategies for effective advocacy for world language education
  • For more information, as to how each candidate’s interview will be evaluated, click here.

Have any further questions about awards and nomination procedures? Please contact the KWLA Awards Committee Chair anytime at:

DISCLAIMER: A press release for winners of the Outstanding Teacher Award will be published within a week after the conference. Press releases for all other awards winners will be available by request only.