2013 KWLA Annual Conference

Rethink and Reboot: Keeping your Program Relevant

The theme for this year’s conference, Rethink and Reboot: Keeping your Program Relevant should evoke thoughts, one to rethink and reboot. We all strive to get our learners to the prescribed level of proficiency within that content area. But how do we keep our program relevant for our learners? From Program Review and New Kentucky Standard for World Languages, it is time for us to rethink and reboot and keep our program relevant. Besides the annual fall conference proposal, another major focus of this year's conference will be continuing growing and shaping the Showcase, both regional and state, events.


This year's KWLA conference will once again be organized around the domains of the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Project (http://www.tellproject.com). While developing your session and workshop proposal consider the criteria of Learning Environment, Planning, Teaching the Lesson, Assessment, Resources, Collaboration and Professionalism.

What are the learning goals of your proposed session or workshop? What exactly will those that attend your session walk away with? You must include at least three statements that summarize what attendees will know and/or be able to do by the end of the allotted time. These are examples:

  • Learning Target 1:
    By the end of this (session/workshop) participants will have a better understanding of the Interpretive Mode of communication that they will apply to planning and assessment.
  • Learning Target 2:
    Participants will know how to scan the Internet for authentic resources such as videos, advertisements, etc., that they can use as prompts for the Interpretive Mode and to begin the Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) cycle.
  • Learning Target 3:
    Participants will be able to design different layers of questions and prompts according to the proficiency levels of their students. Participants will create a series of questions in this (session/workshop) which they will share with peers for feedback.
The 2013 KWLA Fall Conference promises to be another outstanding professional learning experience. We invite you to join us in Lexington from September 19-21 to hear success stories, discover challenges, and find solutions for teaching world languages in today’s classroom. KWLA is proud to offer you a wide variety of sessions and workshops touching all levels of learning and covering numerous topics of second language acquisition. You’ll leave the conference energized with ideas you can use in the classroom and connections that will provide you support throughout the year.

(un) Sessions

No presenters, no PowerPoints. (Un)Sessions are more social, more hands-on and a lot less formal than regular conference session, putting all attendees in the center of learning. Choose from one of seven participant-facilitated (meaning that the people who attend will generate the content of the session) session around the seven strands of the conference. Come to share, learn and connect with other teachers.

Power-Share Sessions

Get 12 ideas in one hour during fast-paced Power Share sessions that allow multiple participants to share technology ideas (links, apps, sites, resources) in brief five-minute show & tell mini-sessions. Get the latest and be inspired to bring more technology into your classroom. All conference attendees are invited to present. Simply sign-up for one of the slots at the registration desk.

Exciting Half-Day Workshops with National Presenters

These optional workshops will help you make the most of your conference experience. Most are “hands-on” experiences, and all will provide plenty of interaction and discussion time. Workshop participants must also be registered for the conference.

KWLA goes mobile

Download for free the first-ever KWLA mobile application. More than just a conference APP, it will be with you the whole year long. Launched for iPhone, iPad, Android and as mobile web app in September 2012.

Registration Discounts

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE and get the most out of your conference experience. There will be a variety of conference passes available that include your conference registration, wine & cheese reception (Friday), lunch choices, your 2013/14 KWLA membership fees AND a choice of workshops.